Chess set Mould

Chess set Mould
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Sizes All Approximate : Overall Mould size 240mm x 200mm, Produces 12  Chess pieces biggest being The King at approx 80mm x 35mm, Uses approx 110 grams of chocolate etc.Sizes All Approximate : Overall Mould size 240mm x 200mm, Produces tool set, The Saw is approx 140mm Long, Uses approx 195 grams of chocolate in total.

These can also be used for clay, ice, butter, plaster, cream cheese, soap and other low temperature mediums. We stock a range of other seasonal, character and general chocolate moulds in our store. We also stock confectionery foil for wrapping chocolates, lollipop sticks and other items for chocolate and cookie making.

Although our moulds will withstand a temperature of approximately 150 F, they are not intended for use with hard candy syrups and are not suitable for use in an oven.
Mould Tips
When you receive your moulds:
Hand wash moulds before using, do not use dish washing detergent, to remove any dust from manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping materials.
When you pour chocolate into your molds:
Make sure they are level or flat. Most of our moulds will sit flat, but some will not. So use items as required to keep them level.
Before you pour the chocolate into the mould, make sure you have a shelf in your refrigerator that is clear of items and ready to sit the moulds flat on the shelf.
Never pour chocolate or any other materials into chocolate moulds at temperatures higher than 160 degrees F. as it may damage and warp the mould. 
Never place chocolate moulds in a dishwasher. Hand wash only.
Wash with warm water before storing - there is no need to wash them between pourings.
Allow to air dry before storing them.
Store them in Zip Lock type bags to keep them clean and free of dust.
Moulds can be used multiple times with proper care and storage.
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